• Here we are left behind, somehow.
    Music is somewhere else, children play
    Somewhere else; fluent with affection
    People live somewhere else and will not return.

    The fountain seems peppered with shot,
    Bitter-green streaks and streaks of gray.
    It can't be weather, but envy of other air
    Its perpetual stream is slowing, its turn

    Has come and gone. Light flashes upon the
    Many windows of the City and County Building.
    Drab truth is lodged in the Museum of Natural
    History. As late as summer, last year's leaves

    Are embedded in this year's earth; they seem

    Too slight to decay. Marquees of failed theaters yielding
    To offers of CANCELLATION SHOES are
    Pachydermoid survivors.

    One must admire a kid's flowered belling slacks

    And her friend's frenzied puffed-out hair.
    Air is awash with their jabber of vowels and

    Delight… No fountains cry with such archaic wonder.

    Poem by Joyce Carol Oates from collection "Anonymous Sins & Other Poems" (1969).



    Rafał Alchimowicz - dancer

    Aleksandra Foltman - dancer

    Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich - actress

    Tatiana Kamieniecka - choreographer

    Adrian Kulesza - dancer

    Marcin Kulwas - producer, author of script and music

    Agata Mieniuk - actress

    Kalina Porazińska - dancer

    Magdalena Płaneta - director