• how gentle are we rising
    easy as eyes in sockets turning

    intimate the hardness: jaw
    upon jaw, forehead warm

    upon forehead
    kisses like breaths, involuntary

    love: I am illuminated
    in and out of love's breathing

    fluorescent glowing the fine
    warm veins and bones

    your weight is
    the sky lowered suddenly

    I am loved: a message
    clanging of a bell in silence

    you are heavy with surprise
    the horizon surrenders

    are we wearing out
    our skins' defenses?

    turning to silk, texture of flashy
    airy surfaces scant as breaths?

    I am loved: the noon slides gently
    suddenly upon us to wake us

    Poem by Joyce Carol Oates from collection "Love and Its Derangements: Poems" (1970).



    Rafał Alchimowicz - dancer

    Aleksandra Foltman - dancer

    Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich - actress

    Tatiana Kamieniecka - choreographer

    Marcin Kulwas - producer, author of script and music

    Agata Mieniuk - actress

    Magdalena Płaneta - director