• in every American city
    the profane heavy beat
    of someone's affection-
    radios in automobiles speeding
    narrowly in the street

    love public as the bodies
    of lovers
    stalking everywhere
    the sidewalks crowded
    doorways jammed
    body upon body shouting
    all the words
    of love

    flags of all commercial sizes
    mourning dead leaders, or fathers
    in the front yards of American streets
    or cemeteries blotched with geraniums
    always the damp pulsing of flags
    the fluttering of rotted cloth

    and the beat
    of something growing-
    filling in holes
    filling in eye sockets-
    the visible universe
    and repeats itself
    in our bodies:
    all visible things
    repeat themselves
    into permanence

    Poem by Joyce Carol Oates from collection "Angel Fire: Poems" (1973).



    Rafał Alchimowicz - dancer

    Aleksandra Foltman - dancer

    Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich - actress

    Tatiana Kamieniecka - choreographer

    Adrian Kulesza - dancer

    Marcin Kulwas - producer, author of script and music

    Agata Mieniuk - actress

    Kalina Porazińska - dancer

    Magdalena Płaneta - director