• They are always trying
    to drag me by the hair, away

    my skull prickles wisely
    at the sound of their footsteps
    they want to sink
    into me the length of their
    bodies      as into an enemy
    with sister's face

    they want to learn from me
    certain cries and names
    they want the music rising to a shriek
    they want the river's white sails
    to collapse into the dirty water

    the circular bones of their necks are alive
    with desires unworded
    always they lean their elbows onto tables
    in a code of male conspiracy

    they want the new grass
    to suffocate beneath the newer seeds of trees
    in a hot spring flood

    in this hot May
    the line is abrupt between male and female:
    shadows of a million swinging leaves
    across the inert grass

    if I could turn outward
    into the flat white walls
    of the rooms we use
    I would witness a body
    at its fate tugged by the moon
    all the inches of its skin
    rubbed raw with the skin
    of men

    Poem by Joyce Carol Oates from collection "Love and Its Derangements: Poems" (1970).



    Rafał Alchimowicz - dancer

    Aleksandra Foltman - dancer

    Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich - actress

    Tatiana Kamieniecka - choreographer

    Adrian Kulesza - dancer

    Marcin Kulwas - producer, author of script and music

    Agata Mieniuk - actress

    Kalina Porazińska - dancer

    Magdalena Płaneta - director